FTP Client Pro for iPhone

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Anyone who has managed a website in the past knows the importance of having a decent FTP client around. A killer FTP client wold make you more productive adding and removing files from your website. FTP Client Pro is a handy tool that allows you to access and manipulate your server files on your iPhone.  It lets you upload, download, edit, and remove files and folders.

With FTP Client Pro, you can view files of all kind on your phone. .doc, .rtf, .xls, and other popular file formats are supported. It can act as your text editor too. Most importantly, you can download and create folders with this client. Files can be cached so you don’t download the same ones over and over again. Want to CHMOD your files? FTP Client Pro provides support for that.

The FTP Client Pro client offers password protection and a passive mode too. It can remember multiple logins. File sorting is pretty simple too. If you need a FTP client to make changes to your server files on the go, this client is well worth checking out.

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