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Augmented reality apps are quite fun to play with. They have been on the rise in iTunes and more quality AR apps are released to market every month. SpyGlass is another one of those fun augmented reality applications that helps you get around and explore the environment around you outdoors like you never before.

SpyGlass is more than just a good looking iPhone application. It packs numerous features to help you navigate outdoors more effectively. It includes a compass, Sun & Moon tracker, inclinometer, rangefinder, and an angular calculator. It’s capable of measuring distance to objects and can offer you nautical navigation as well.

SpyGlass allows you to track multiple targets on your iPhone. Position are displayed on your screen as a layer on the top of your reality. The compass and spyglass feature do come handy for marine activities. Other features such as GPS, rangefinder, and Sun & Moon tracker can come useful outdoors as well. Here is a demonstration of what SpyGlass is capable of (courtesy of the developers of this app):

On a down note, SpyGlass is only available for iPhone. So iPod Touch users will probably have to wait for the next generation iPod Touch to get a chance to try this app. But if you do have an iPhone and spend a lot of time outdoors, SpyGlass can help you out.

  • RL54

    Why is Spyglass not available in the U.K.?

    • http://www.iphoneappsfinder.com Cyrus

      have no idea. I am surprised it is not though

    • TypeOne

      It is available. At least it is in top 100 nav paid apps rating.

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