12 Awesome Timer Apps for iPhone

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There was a time not too long ago when people used to rely on physical timers to keep track of things. These days there are plenty of iPhone and iPad applications you can pick up to track your tasks, food, exercise routines, and everything else. Here are 12 unique iPhone timer apps that track things for you:

Tabata Pro – Tabata Timer: designed to track your tabatas on your iPhone. It could be quite useful to those into fitness training.

Timer+: this cool little app lets you run multiple timers for tasks around your home. The app can run in the background.

KitchenPad Timer: an elegant application that times your chores in the kitchen, including your food. It provides push alerts and audio notifications.

Insight Timer: a user friendly timer for Yoga and meditation. It has 7 different bells and supports an unlimited number of interval bells.

iBaby Feed Timer: designed for new parents among us. It lets you log breast and bottle feeds. It tells you the time of the next feeding session too.

Seconds Pro: another powerful application that can be used as an interval, round, and circuit training timer.

Boxing Timer Pro: as the name suggests, this is a quite handy tool for those who train in boxing. It is highly customizable. Runs on iPhone and iPad too.

PomodoroPro: this app is developed for those of you who use the Pomodoro technique to stay productive everyday.

Tea for iPhone: one of the most elegant apps we have tested. This turns your iPhone into a smart tea timer.

SleepMe Music Timer: designed to help you sleep better. It plays your music for a selected period of time to relax you and make you fall sleep faster.

Texas Holdem Poker Timer: planning to play some poker with friends? Texas Holdem Poker Timer makes setting up blinds schedules super easy. It even alerts you when blind level changes.

Beer Timer: helps you drink your beer at the right temperature. Just pick the kind of beer you have, its size, and this app tells you when you should take your beer out of your freezer.

What’s your favorite timer app for iPhone? Please share your suggestions below.

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