8 Best Netflix Apps for iPhone

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Netflix is one of the best services around to get rid of your cable TV and watch the movies that you actually want to watch. Their queue system lets you find cool movies and add them to your queue and receive them once you are done with your old movies. So as long as you keep your queue up to date, you are going to keep getting movies that you want to watch in the mail.

And now thanks to your iPhone, you can manage your queue on the go. So you can get your business done and update your queue to have entertaining movies ready whenever you are ready for your break. If you are looking to manage your queue on your iPhone, here are 8 Netflix iPhone apps you should try:

  1. iRent Movie: a premium application for Netflix junkies. Has everything you need to manage your Netflix queue on your iPhone.
  2. MovieFlick: another cool app that lets you manage your Netflix queue on the go. Helps you manage your Roku as well. One of my favorites.
  3. PhoneFlix: PhoneFlix is a free app that lets you manage your Netflix queue easily on your phone.
  4. Queutastic: used to be free If I am not mistaken, but it’s well worth $0.99. The ultimate Netflix queue app for iPhone.
  5. pFlix: not only allows you to manage your queue, it also lets you share your movies on Twitter and other social networks.
  6. iPhlix: an innovative application that makes managing your Netflix account like a piece of cake.
  7. PocketFlicks: you can’t watch your Netflix movies on your iPhone but you can do almost everything else with this app.
  8. i.TV: the ultimate TV solution for iPhone. This free app not only allows you to manage your Netflix movies but also lets you keep track of your favorite TV shows too.

There you have it. The above apps are tailor-made for Netflix junkies. If you are renting lots of movies and want to do a better job managing your queue on the go, you can’t go wrong with the above apps.

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