5 iPhone Apps for Feeding Your Baby

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Bringing a new baby into this world is an enlightening experience. But you also need to work hard to take care of your child. You need to make sure your baby has everything he/she needs and is fed on time. These 5 breastfeeding apps for iPhone help you keep track of your baby’s feeding sessions to stay on track:


iBaby Feed Timer: this app is designed for breastfeeding moms who want to track when and for how long their baby feeds. You can log breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, diapers, sleep, food and notes.


FirstYear: a handy app for recording pumping sessions, diaper changes, health issues, and more. You can track two or more baby records, input data easily, and share your baby’s progress with friends.


MammaBaby: a baby logging app for new parents. It can track daily activities and help you establish routines for feeding, sleeping, and more. Supports up to 5 babies.

baby tracker

Baby Tracker: a universal application that serves as a nursing timer. It tracks pumping totals and feedings. You can track diaper changes, sleep schedule, growth, and other information with this.

baby nursing

Baby Nursing: helps keep track of your baby’s diapers, doctor’s visits, feeding sessions, and more. You can purchase additional features as you need them.

These apps help you take better care of your child by tracking his/her feeding sessions and other activities. Not all of them are particularly cheap, but they could prove useful for new parents.

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