Cat Cam Apps: How to Take Pictures of Your Cat on iPhone

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Cats are cute and playful creatures. Those of you who have been lucky to own one or more in the past know how fun they can be. Capturing photos of your cats when they are playing is not always easy. They don’t exactly pose for the camera, so you need to get the timing down right. These cat camera apps are designed to give you the chance to capture fun photos of your pet with your iOS device:

meow snap

Meow Snap: this cat cam app lets your cat take self-portrait pictures by chasing a laser dot on your screen. It has a fun game your cat loves but every time the screen is touched, your device captures a new photo. Meow Snap might also work for dogs and other pets.

cat camera

Cat Camera – meow: a cat camera app designed for cat lovers. It draws your cats attention with a meow sound so you can take better photos. 6 different meow sounds are included. 

pet snap

Pet Snap!: useful for those of you who have trouble getting your pet to cooperate when you want to take its photo. It has a bunch of sounds you can use to grab the attention of your pet.

These cat camera applications make it easier to capture better photos of your pet and get it to cooperate.

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