25 Cool iPhone Apps for Kids

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iPhone is a great smartphone for doing business, playing games, tackling other adult things. But it can be a useful tool to keep your kids entertained. It might even teach them a thing or two. These 25 iPhone apps for kids are worth checking out if you happen to be a parent:

MathTapers: ClockMaster: teaches your kids how to read time and make the connection between hours and minutes. Does not make things too complicated for your child.

Cozmo’s Day Off: an interactive and attractive story book for your child that can keep him/her entertained with games and all kinds of activities.

Pre-School Counting: want to teach your young ones how to count? This app has a playful interface and makes the process a whole lot easier.

Kids Can Read: another interactive and fun book for those of you with young children at home.

Happyreading: brings 8 classic stories to your iPhone. You can have the app read the books for you or read it yourself.

Toddler Jukebox: it has plenty of cool, classic songs your kids can listen to on your iPhone. It is pretty simple to use but can keep your child entertained for a while.

Mother Earth’s Preschool – Learning Birds: have a young child ready to learn about birds? This application uses illustrations and sounds to teach your kids about these animals.

Farm Sounds: uses cool animal farm photos and sounds to entertain your kid. Great for kids up to the age of 5.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox: has plenty of kid friendly games to teach your child about colors, letters, counting, shapes, sizes, matching, and …

iKidNY for iPhone: helps you get the most out of your NY experience with your child. It shows you the closest parks, playgrounds, indoor play areas, museums, and other interesting locations.

Peekaboo Barn: teaches your child the name of animals in English and Spanish. It has great graphics and is fun to use.

Children’s Origami: covers plenty of virtual origami to entertain your young ones. Pretty entertaining and decent looking too.

TouchyBooks for Kids: a book store for kid books. You can get a couple of free e-books from this app. Books are available in 4 languages.

Kid Art for iPhone: an easy to use drawing application with plenty of tools to make the experience more entertaining for your kids.

Sneezies for iPhone: a cute puzzle game for iPhone. It has 45 levels and 15 challenging modes. Adults can play too.

Montessori Crosswords: teaches your kids how to spell properly. It can improve their reading too. It offers word-picture-audio combinations.

FirstWords – At Home: it uses 50 familiar items from around your house to teach your child about letters and words.

Kids Can Match ABC 123: this is a fun and challenging game to get your kid familiar with letters and numbers. It has an adaptive level system to guide your kid to more complicated levels overtime.

Sing Along: a Christian friendly game for iPhone that entertains your kid with fun songs. Includes over 130 songs.

MathTappers: Multiples: teaches your children how to handle multiplication and division with whole numbers. Does not include super complicated multiplications.

Doodle Fit for iPhone: an addictive game that involves fitting given sets of blocks into the given shapes. Can improve your child’s problem solving skills.

PhotoMatchTots: a memory game or pre-schoolers. It offers multiple levels of play. You can use photos you have taken yourself for this game.

My first Tangrams: an adaptation of Tangram game for kids. It has colorful shapes and cool sounds to keep your child engaged.

Toddler Flashcards: teaches your kid about animals in the sea, in the sky, and those in the jungle. Pronounces the names too.

Toddler Puzzle Shapes: a cool matching game that teaches your kid about shapes. It is pretty engaging and not too difficult or small children.

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