5 Cool Sound Therapy Apps for iPhone

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Many of us struggle to get enough sleep at night or lead stressful lives. Lack of sleep or too much stress is not great for anybody. Sound therapy methods can help you relax your body and even put yourself in the right mood to catch some sleep. If you are interested in sound therapy, you should give these 5 applications a look:

SleepStream 2 Pro: a complete brain wave program that can relax you and put you to a good sleep. It has 51 brainwave programs and a total of 84 minutes of music.

Brain Wave: an advanced brain wave application that syncs your brainwaves to a specific frequency by sending 2 different audible frequencies to each ear. These waves can help you relax, focus, get over your anger, and a whole lot more.

White Noise for iPhone: allows you to take advantage of ambient sounds to provide a better environment for sleeping and relaxation in your home.

Brain Power | AmbiScience: one of the most popular ambient music apps around. It has a large selection of sounds for better focus, meditation, sleep therapy, and deep relaxation.

iSonic Meditation: great tool for those of you into Yoga, meditation, and comparable practices. It has 18 high quality sounds of nature.

Sound therapy may not work for everyone. But it is worth trying if you are having trouble sleeping or dealing with stress.

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