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Many of us meet new people every single day. When you meet people for business reasons, you need to be prepared for your conversation ahead of time. Refresh for iPhone can help. It is a free application that helps you prepare for your meetings. You can add notes, search for information, and discover talking points for your conversations.


Refresh is a free application that provides you with relevant information on the people you are about to meet. It grabs the information from Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, contacts, and other surfaces. When you use this app, you will know something about new people you meet, so your conversations will get off on the right track. The app sends you insights by alerts. The app can also capture notes to follow-up. Refresh is compatible with Evernote as well.

refresh app

Refresh is an invaluable tool for super-networkers and people who meet new folks for their business all the time. Great for connecting and introducing people too. You can try the app for free.

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