Universal Zoom for iPhone: Sizes & Distances

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Our universe is truly wonderful. There are so many amazing objects and phenomena in our reality. Studying atoms, planets, or even trees in books is fun. But have you ever wanted to compare objects by size? Maybe you want to get a better appreciation of our solar system, satellites in Earth’s orbits, and even the size of galaxies. Universal Zoom for iPhone can help you do just that. This universal app has over 130 objects you can compare and learn more about.


Universal Zoom has high resolution photos and artwork and covers 130 objects to scale. Here is a neat feature: you can compare objects and see how many times one objects fits into another. Useful information and facts on each and every objects are included. The scale range goes from 1 yoctometer to 93 billion light meters (imperial and metric units of length are supported). The app gives you access to Wikipedia too.

zoom app

Overall, Universal Zoom is a wonderful educational tool that helps you discover more about objects in our universe. It combines stunning visuals with intuitive user-interface to keep you entertained.

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