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All About iDevice

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The iPhone you are holding in your hand is just like any other computer. It has a processor, battery, disk, and process list. In order for your device to run as smoothly as possible, you should pay attention to the processes running on it and the amount of resources your apps are consuming. All About iDevice is a free tool that monitors your CPU, memory, disk, battery, and network information so you can figure out what’s slowing your device.

All About iDevice shows you how the CPU on your device is being used. It covers information on memory usage, active and inactive processes, and disk usage. The Processes tab tells you what processes are running at any given time. The System tab covers information on your iPhone’s CPU and operating system. Interested in finding out about your local IP or Mac address? Try the Network tab.

All About iDevice is perfect for those curious about what may be slowing down their iDevice. The information is presented in an easy to follow fashion which helps. All About iDevice is free at the time of this writing.

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