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I have always believed that there is no excuse in not passing a driver’s license written test, no matter what state you are. If you can parallel park a car and take your car with you without putting others in danger on the road, you can past that test as well. Of course, some of us are better than others in written tests. Some of us get too nervous before exams. While you can’t do a whole lot about your nerves, you can give yourself more confidence by practicing for your driver’s license test ahead of time. That’s exactly what you can do with Drivers Ed.

Drivers Ed is a free iPhone application that helps you test your exam knowledge and get yourself prepared for the exam as best as you can. You can test yourself with over 350 exam questions that are available through in this app. The app allows you to keep track of your progress and find out about your mistakes as well. I do recommend taking a marathon test (30 questions or more) to make sure you get as many challenging questions as possible.

In order to pass the test, you are going to have to read your state’s manual before your test. If you read your manual cover to cover, there is no reason you shouldn’t pass the test. This app gives you access to manuals that apply to your state and even provides you with flash cards to help you get prepared for your test. Pretty handy for a free app.

If you are taking your driver’s license test soon and want to get prepared for the written part of the test as effectively as possible, Drivers Ed is a must have. It’s free!

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