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FoldIt for iPhone

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It is true that not everyone is great at folding things. Have you seen folks who can’t fold their shirts and clothes properly? If you think that is easy, you should give FoldIt for iPhone a look. It is a challenging puzzle that requires you to match a predetermined pattern as you fold your sheet of paper. It is not as easy as it sounds.

FoldIt  has a clean UI and makes it easy for anyone to get started with it. You have a sheet of paper that you can fold in any way. As you fold your sheet and punch a hole through it, you are going to end up with a pattern. Here is the catch: you want your pattern to match the one displayed on your screen.

I did find the folding and punching through the paper to be a bit awkward at first. But you will get used to it after a while. You can upgrade to the premium version of this app to get even more out of this game. Overall, this is a very entertaining puzzle and not that hard to pick up.

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