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iEngineer for iPhone

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Have you ever had to deal with screws you were not familiar with for your home projects? You might have if you assemble exercise equipment, desk, and other things in your home all the time. The pros have to deal with all kinds of screws for their work. iEngineer for iPhone is a handy tool that saves them time looking up information on various styles of screws.

iEngineer covers plenty of US and Metric Screws (paid add-on). It has dimensions for 9 standard head styles. iEngineer shows all kinds of useful information on screws including tap sizes, clamp force, dimensions, material strength, and 3D models of head types. You also get a drill chart with over 500 drill bit sizes

iEngineer works great on iPhone but looks even better on the iPad. Need metric screws information? That is available for $2 as an in-app add-on. Metric/US unit conversions are included as well. iEngineer may be an overkill for most of us. But if you deal with screws for a living, this could serve as a reference for your work.

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