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Support Barack With Obama iPhone App!

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This post is not about the best new application that has come out. It’s not about an app that is super cool. But it is one that is the most important app of our time. The future of the U.S. depends on who’s elected to the office, and Barack has 11 days to go to.

Obama 08 iPhone application helps you remind folks they need to vote on Nov 4th. I hate to bring politics as this site is about anything but politics. But our country needs a new direction, and we need all people to go and vote on Nov 4th. Not only that, we need to be vigilant about the whole voter fraud issue. We can avoid the whole 2000 and 2004 mess by going and vote! Show your support and represent with Obama 08!

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  • Cliff

    What the %^&$ what will they come up with next. Take my money, brain wash my kids, kill my health care, raise my taxes,force America into a socialistic-communist nation, take our jobs, lie through your teeth, but leave my apps alone.

    • @Cliff. I don’t know about that. But I doubt this app would brain wash anyone.

  • Don

    Well, Cyrus… Obama has been in office for nearly a year now, and turns out that every word Cliff wrote was dead on accurate.

    Crying shame.

  • @Don. I appreciate your point of view. I just don’t completely agree with it. Am I happy with President Obama? I don’t even know if I care. I am not a politician, but I did expect him to not keep his words. At least he didn’t make up stories about WMDs. But we have some time for that 🙂 You guys need to cool it though. This is not a politics blog 😉