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Vitabot for iPhone

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Many folks assume that if they consume a certain number of calories each day and exercise, they will get fit and healthy. What you put in your body is very important too. If it is not getting the nutrients it needs, you are going to have a difficult time performing at your best each and every day. Vitabot for iPhone is a handy application that lets you find nutritional deficiencies in your daily meal plan and helps you correct them.

Vitabot has a database of over 10k foods for you to take advantage of. It provides users with feedback so they can see which nutrients are missing from their diet. The Nutrition Report Card saves users time getting all the information they need. Users could also look up proper caloric and nutritional amounts for their specific weight goal.

Vitabot is not just another calorie counter app. It actually helps you eat things that your body needs. Even if you are a fitness guru, you could use apps such as this one to find out whether you are making all the right moves with your meal plans. The app could be even more user-friendly but the idea is solid.

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