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Annihilation Arena

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Annihilation Arena is one of those addictive games that keeps you entertained with a whole lot of action and combat. You are pretty much attacked from all directions from enemy fighters, and your goal is to out-shoot and outlast them. It’s a kill or get killed game that should satisfy your hunger for action and destruction!


Annihilation Arena is one of the best action games I have personally played on my iPhone mainly due to the fact the game is very challenging without taking any fun out of the whole experience. You have access to eight different weapons (e.g. Flamethrower and Laser) which you can use to disable and destroy your enemies. One of the most fun things about this game is trying these different weapons on your enemies. Who knew blowing things up could be so much fun. Best of all, you also get to fight in three fun arenas that will test your gaming credentials.

I was very impressed with this game’s graphics. Once you take a look at this game, you are going to realize how much effort the developers put forth to develop this application. The game controls are fun as you get to control your movement and your gun with your fingers. You essentially get two pads. One controls the movement, and the other moves your aiming. So it’s better to play this game with both hands. The music is fun too though I recommend you start without it to get a handle on what the game is all about. The game can be challenging, and you don’t want to go up in the smokes by being careless.

All in all, Annihilation Arena is one heck of an action game for iPhone. It’s very addictive, and it always give you an excuse to go back and try to do better. The graphics are great and getting to blow up enemies is always fun.  I would like to see more arenas and even more innovative weapons if possible. But as it is, this is one killer action game that you’ve got to try.

Verdict: A

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