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Chess Problems for iPhone

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Board games such as Chess are not only very addictive, they can push your brain and make it sharper. Playing chess against a computer or friends is always fun. But that’s not the only way to enjoy this great game. Tackling chess puzzles on a daily basis is not only a time killer, it could improve your skills too. Chess Problems brings hundreds of chess puzzles to your phone to test your problem solving skills.

Chess Problems has 645 interactive puzzles. These range from mate-in-2 to mate in 17 moves. These are checkmate puzzles, so you always have a definitive answer to each problem. The game has a decent chess board and lets you optimize its settings to your liking. You can hide solved puzzles, enable figurine notation, change chess sets/color schemes, and enable permanent brain.

Chess Problems offers Facebook integration and has a social leaderboard to motivate you to do more. It works well on iPad and iPod Touch too. All the puzzles in this app are from Memphis Chess Club: Chess Problems by World Champion. This is a pretty awesome chess app and does not require you to be a grandmaster to get started.

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