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ChessGenius is an award winning chess program that has been around for a while. I still remember the day I bought my first ChessGenius (v.6) about 9 years ago. Genius has won world championships and has been used by many top players for training and research purposes. Now, you can play ChessGenius right on your iPhone.

ChessGenius comes with 33 playing levels. You can play easy or blitz levels, but be careful what you get yourself into. In the blitz mode, you’ll get no mercy from the program. Like most top chess programs, Genius gives you an assessment on how you are doing during your games. If you are done by a couple of pawns or more, you are probably going to lose regardless of what you do. But it’s good to know how you are doing. Just don’t let it distract you during your games.


I love the fact that you can save your games in PGN format. The best way to improve in chess is by going over your games and analyzing them. With ChessGenius, you can save your games and analyze them later. You can also use the tutor and coach to help you avoid blunders and weak moves.

Overall, ChessGenius is an excellent chess application for the iPhone. You are not only getting a world champion on your mobile phone, but also a set of features that help you get your game to the next level. Chess is still one of the most entertaining games to play on an iPhone, especially if you have Chess Genius.

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