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Defender Chronicles

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Defender Chronicles Legend of the Desert King is one of those unique games that get the balance between strategy and fun.It’s a challenging tower defense game that can keep you busy and entertained for quite a while. Your goal is very simple: keep the enemy out and slow it down in its track. The cool graphics and awesome game play don’t hurt either.

You are going to face the undead and the Orc Hordes, and you need to keep them all out or face defeat. There are a lot of artifacts that you can gather to give yourself a better chance at completing the tough levels, but the good thing about this app is the fact that you don’t necessarily need all those fancy tools to get the job done. All you need is a great strategy and a bit of time to enjoy this cool game.


There are 5 modes of play available in this game. You can start with the story level or go all out by playing classic extended.  There are also 4 levels of difficulty, and I have to tell you the heroic level can be quite challenging.

I was very impressed with all the cool arenas and enemies that one has to face to complete this game. Once you get to those advanced levels, strategy is going to become even more important. Make sure you set up your forces the right way if you want to survive. All in all, Defender Chronicles is one of the best strategy games available on the iPhone platform. It’s not only challenging but a whole lot of fun. Now that’s what I’d like to call a killer balance.

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