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FocusUp for iPhone

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In this day and age, many folks complain about not being able to focus deeply. Many of us have shorter attention spans these days. Some experts blame the Internet and digital technologies for that. The good news is this is not something that can’t be fixed. Apps such as FocusUp provide your brain with the proper training so you can focus more deeply on the tasks ahead of you.

FocusUp for iPhone is a number grid game that challenges your brain to stay focused for longer. You are provided with a grid containing 100 numbers. Players have to focus their game to find numbers quickly. The game does have levels for beginners (starting with a 16 number grid). It keeps track of your time and challenges you to beat your previous records. 5 different skins are included too.

FocusUp is not based on a super complex concept. But it does push you to focus your brain harder. It works for beginners and advanced users. The app is free at the time of this writing.

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