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Hexplode is a cool puzzle game for iPhone that the elements of problem solving and explosion together. The game involves you trying to wipe your opponent off the board by exploding your tiles to take out your opponent’s tiles as well. The game may sound simple on the surface but you need to master the tactics if you want to survive, especially with those more complicated levels.


Here is how the game works. You and your opponent start with a clean slate and start with claiming your own tiles. By touch your tiles twice, you can increase the count. Once you hit the limit, you can set up an awesome explosion. Now if you have followed a real strategy, you can organize a series of explosions and take out your opponent’s tiles in one shot. The game comes with 3 levels which you can play against the computer or with your friends. The small and medium boards are fairly simple, but the large board could get a bit complicated, so you want to make sure you get the right positions and blow off your tiles at the right time.


Overall, Hexplode is a wonderful puzzle game of tactics and timing. It’s essentially checkers meets Modulo. It’s truly exciting when you manage to set up a killer trap for your opponent and put him out with one big explosion! If you are into solving tactical games but looking for more action as well, Hexplode is a wonderful app to try.

Verdict: A-

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