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LightBike for iPhone

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LightBike is a cool 3D application that involves you riding a LightBike in the cyberspace. The game is very simple yet very entertaining. Once you start riding the bike, you leave walls of light on your track, and your goal is obviously to beat your enemy.


The Full Version of LightBike has 2 modes for those interested in multi-playing. In 2 players mode, you can split the screen into two. In Wifi mode, you can connect with your friends by wireless but keep your screen in full. All in all, 4 people can play this game at the same time. Here are the modes you get:

  • 1 player mode: (3 levels of difficulty)
  • 2 players mode: (split-screen mode)
  • 2-4 players mode: (Wifi mode)

Verdict: 4.25/5. LightBike is a great game for the iPhone. I thought the game’s description on the iTunes was a bit confusing. The game was advertised as having Wifi over the Internet available but that will only be available in later editions. The game has so much potential, and it is fairly cheap. If you are running out of cool games to play on your iPhone, you should definintely consider buying LightBike.

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