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I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of survival games on iPhone. These games can be challenging, and they are a load of fun. So if you are having some down time and are bored, nothing can get you back in a good mood than playing a fun survival game. MiniGore is a fun survival shooter game that lets you do just that. You are a little guy running around an area full of strange creatures, and your goal is to shoot these creatures down and survive as long as you can.

The controls are very intuitive and fun. You essentially have two sticks. One to control the movement, and one to control the shooting direction. If you really want to survive this game, you won’t stay still. These hairy creatures are vicious, and they can terminate you in a flash. You do have 3 weapons to fight them off though: a machine gun, a shot gun, and a booby trap. It’s really fun trying these weapons on these creatures.

The 3D graphics are superb and the game play is very addictive and fun. There are various types of enemies that could come at you from any direction, so you better stay focused when playing this game. You can always collect four-leaf clovers and take your true form to destroy those pesky creatures.


Minigore is one of the most addictive survival games for iPhone. The graphics are superb, and the expert mode will keep you entertained for quite a while. I do prefer to see more enemies and having the ability to use more devastating weapons would add to the fun. The controls are very intuitive as well, though you do want to take breaks every 20 minutes or so to avoid hurting your fingers (it’s so addictive you may lose track of time). So if you are looking for a killer survival game to play on your iPhone, Minigore is a very good choice.

Verdict: A-

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