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Puzzles are my favorite apps on iPhone. When you have to get up 5 AM every day and work long hours well into the night, you can use the boost that puzzles can give your brain. Modulo is an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master puzzle for your iPhone that involves you rotating the puzzle pieces until you get them all to face right up. But if you think Modulo is that easy to master, think again. These pieces are connected to each other, which means when you turn one, another one or two will turn with it!


The first few levels are very easy to solve. But once you get those out of the way, you are going to get some very intriguing set ups. And I like the fact that you can keep track of the number of moves that takes you to solve each puzzle. That way you can always go back and try to beat your old record. You also don’t have to solve 100s of puzzles before getting to unlock new ones. Nothing’s unlocked which means you can go to the harder levels when you prefer (if you can solve level 88, drop me a note!).

Modulo looks awfully simple on the surface. After all, you just turn these pieces and the puzzle gets solved, right? Fortunately, you are going to spend some real energy power to solve the more advanced levels. But don’t get discouraged. Playing with Modulo is a wonderful way to wake your brain up and keep yourself sharp. That’s what you should expect from a real puzzle application.

Verdict: A

Your take: what’s the level you have the most difficulty solving?

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