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Sea Battle Classic

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A lot of developers assume that they have to have crazy graphics and PS3 like games to be able to make it on iTunes. In reality, as long as you grab a simple concept and build a decent app around it, there is no reason you can’t go viral. Sea Battle Classic is one of those games. The game involves you trying to sink your enemies ship with your shots. The twist – you don’t know where they are on your board. So you will have to take your shots in the dark and try to sink all your enemies’ ships before your opponent does yours.

You can play the game against the computer, over the Internet, over Wifi, and even via a bluetooth connection. Sea Battle Classic is easy to pick up and very hard to put down. The game is truly addictive. Since you can’t see your opponent’s board, you are always going to be on your toes, trying to shoot down your opponent’s ships.

All in all, Sea Battle Classic is a wonderful, addictive games to play solo or with your friends. The concept is very easy to pick up, and the surprise element certainly makes the game addictive. Just make sure you don’t spend more time than you have playing it.

Rating: 8.5/10

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