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There are many cool apps written using the iPhone platform, but my favorite category is puzzles by far. Puzzles are great to stimulate your mind and help you stay sharp during tough days and nights. And Sevens is certainly one of those puzzles.The game is really a classic. It involves you lining up numbers without having the same number on the same column or row. Sounds like Sudoku right? Here is the catch. You also have 7 color groups and each color group needs to have all the numbers once. That’s like moving from a 3D game to a 4D one.


Sevens is very simple to start and easy to get a handle of. But by no means it’s easy to solve. You get 3 levels. You may be able to pull off the first two levels but the third level will test your determination and mental strength. None of these puzzles are unsolvable but you are going to need a sharp mind to solve those complicated ones.You get 3 levels and 200 unique puzzles per each level. It’s easy to see why you might spend weeks trying to finish up all these levels. Talk about getting a large bang for your buck.

Color groups are not the only twist you have to deal with in Sevens. You are also going to have to manage the clock. You can always go back and try to finish up levels faster than before. You can also stop the clock and get back to your puzzle later. You may be able to improve your times if you play these puzzles often enough. You obviously going to get a handle of how this game works and become sharper as a result of grappling with it. At the same time, You can always try to best your friends’ times and get one over them. Sevens is Sudoku on steroids. It is a very addictive puzzle and will test your mental sharpness. It’s easy to learn and a whole lot of fun. If you are looking for a killer yet straightforward puzzle for iPhone, Sevens is must try.

Verdict: A

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