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Shredder Chess for iPhone

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Shredder, the 12 times chess engine world champion, has finally come to the iPhone. The folks behind Shredder Chess have been at this for years. Their computer engine has dominated humans and other engines in the past. It’s not one of those programs that you can beat by tricking it easily. This program can checkmate you before you can even realize what’s happened. But don’t worry. You can adjust its playing strength to make sure you are not getting crushed by it time and time again. It even helps you avoid mistakes as well.


Here is what you get with Shredder Chess:

  • ELO: you can adjust the strength of the engine to make things more fun.
  • Puzzles: you get 1000 puzzles that help you practice and master the art of solving chess problems.
  • Analysis: Shredder can analyze your games as well. Great way to find your mistakes.
  • Styles: you can change Shredder’s style from defensive to aggressive. But make sure you can take it.
  • Opening Book: if you think you can take Shredder out of its book easily, think again.

You can also email your games and even set up positions right on your iPhone. Overall, Shredder is one of the best chess programs ever made for the iPhone. And looking back at Shredder’s brand, you know you are going to get a sophisticated chess program that helps you move your game to the next level.

I’ve got to say I really enjoyed playing with Shredder Chess. It’s a very powerful program, and it’s fun too. And you learn something new everyday. I highly recommend Shredder to all chess enthusiast.

Get your copy here.

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