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If you have owned a SkyWorks application in the past, you probably know how addictive some of their titles are. SkyScrapers is another addictive iPhone puzzle app that challenges you to build your own skyscraper without missing the parts. Your goal is to build a skyscraper up from the ground by putting the pieces together one by one. Building parts slide across your screen, and you should put them in their place by tapping on your screen. A very simple game, based on a simple concept but highly addictive.

Now the first couple of levels may seem simple, but as you work your way through taller buildings, the speed in which these building parts travel across your screen gets faster, and it’s going to be easier to miss them. So you should stay focused at all times if you want to finish your building. When you finish a building, it’s added to your collection, and you are provided with the opportunity to work on a taller, more complicated design. You do get multiple shots to complete your building, so it’s not a one shot deal.

The game comes with multiple modes. The career mode enables you to play through 12 building. Think of it as 12 levels that get more difficult by the number. The quick mode play is for those who don’t have time to complete the career mode. What I love about SkyWorks applications is that they all come with a global high score card. So you can always compare your results against others and challenge yourself to do better.

All in all, SkyScrapers is an addictive puzzle that can keep you entertained when you have some down time. It’s very easy to get a handle on and is very well designed. Definitely worth a try.

Ratings: 8.6

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