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Sudoku Cheat

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Sudoku is one of the most popular “brain” games around. There are plenty of magazines, newspapers, and websites that offer Sudoku puzzles on a consistent basis. Some people can solve any Sudoku puzzle while others can be left frustrated with some of those challenging ones. Sudoku Cheat is a cool app that can solve any Sudoku puzzle. I am not a big fan of cheating when it comes to puzzle games, but if you are too frustrated with a puzzle, this app can help.

Sudoku Cheat is pretty simple to use. Just copy the numbers from your puzzle to this app and have it solved in no time. The app starts solving the game as you enter more digits. You can tap on check-marks to find the answer for a cell. If you happen to see a question mark on a cell, that means the answer is still undetermined. Sudoku Cheat does provide you with a set of possible numbers for those cells with question mark on them.

I don’t recommend using Sudoku Cheat unless you are too frustrated with a puzzle. It defeats the purpose of picking up a Sudoku game. But if you must have answers to a certain puzzle, then this app can help. Sudoku Cheat can be used to develop your very own puzzles.

Overall, Sudoku Cheat is a decent Sudoku solver that can save you time and help you solve the most complicated puzzles. It would be nice if users could import puzzles by taking pictures (scanning puzzles). It does what it promises though. Just don’t give up on your Sudoku puzzles too early.

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