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SuperShock Football

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When the iPhone was released, I never imagined it become such a hit among mobile gamers. But the iPhone platform has made it possible for developers to come up with all kinds of cool games for iPhone and iPod Touch. SuperShock Football is one of those cool games that you couldn’t predict it’d be here, but it just goes on to show how far the iPhone platform has come. SuperShock Football is a exciting mobile football game that lets you play your favorite sport on your mobile phone while you are on the go.

SuperShock Football is one of the few football games that you can actually play on an iPhone and not get frustrated with. A lot of these 3D games come with lousy controls. That is, however, not the case with SuperShock Football. The controls are easy to get a handle on, and the game play is very exciting. Just give your phone a flick, and you’ll be passing the ball down to your receivers in no time.  The 3D graphics are decent as well, so you get to enjoy the game on your iPhone without hurting your eyes.

What I love about this game is the fact that you can play it with your friends as well. The online scoreboard makes it even more fun, and you can unlock 40 achievements with your results. And if you find the game to be too easy, you can always choose a harder level (considering that you have 3 levels available to you).

Ultimately, SuperShock Football is a wonderful football game for iPhone that lets you have fun on the go playing your favorite sport. It’s easy to get a handle on, comes with superb 3D graphics, and very entertaining.

Rating: 9.1/10

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