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The Impossible Game

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What makes a game impossible? Many assume that the hardest games around are those 3D action games or tower defense titles. In reality, you don’t need to have all those bells and whistles to develop a super hard game. Just ask the developers behind The Impossible Game. It’s a simple to pick up and hard to master game that can test your sanity and keep you entertained for hours (if not days or months).

Your goal is quite simple. You want to guide your orange square over spike and jump your way to the end of each level. Some games are lenient with mistakes. Not this one. One misstep, and you are done. You can’t save your progress either, so you’ll have to start from the beginning of your level every time you lose.

If you find the game too hard, you can always start in practice mode. There is really nothing complicated about the controls or how the game is played. But it’s so easy to make minor mistakes and pay dearly for them. The level of difficulty really depends on your skills and concentration. You may find some parts to be too easy and some to be very difficult. In practice mode, you start from where you have left your last flag. Just make sure you don’t leave your flag right before you are about to hit an object or it’ll be useless. Practice makes perfect though.

When it comes to killing boredom, The Impossible Game is second to none.

Rating: 8.3/10

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