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The Wars

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I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of strategy games for iPhone. Playing fun, silly games on iPhone may work for a while, but strategic, challenging games last much longer and are more gratifying to play with. The Wars is a challenging strategy game for iPhone that involves you trying to beat your enemies by using the right tactics. Just like real war scenario, you need to play your defense and offense cards right if you want to survive this game.

The idea of game is very interesting. You start right from the stone age and progress to more modern ages as you beat your enemies. There are 5 ages available, and as you may have guessed, you have to adopt different tactics and use different weapons to beat your enemies in their own game. You will have to earn enough experience points to move on, but that’s only fair.

If you are bored with the beginner level, you can always switch to medium or hard levels to truly challenge yourself. This is one exciting game, and it’s truly fun to go through all these ages and using different weapons to beat more sophisticated and powerful enemies. It’s also exciting to hear about the future plans for this app. The developers are planning 10 challenging levels, and cheat mode is also going to be provided for those who have been looking for it.
If you are into strategy games and want to spend your time playing a fun but challenging app on your phone, you should give the Wars a look.

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