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WarShip is an exciting action game that involves you going to war against powerful warships and their weapons on the sea. Your goal is to defend against enemy attacks and sink your enemies. But you will have to fight against pirates as well. So in a sense this game is Master and Commander meets Pirates of the Caribbean. As you defend against enemy attacks, you get better warships and the special features that go with them. You also get trophies for your efforts, but you have to protect them too!


I found the controls to be very intuitive and the graphics are brilliant. The game can be difficult at times as you try to outmaneuver your enemies. Shooting can’t be easier on this app. You can shoot your cannons by touching anywhere on the screen. But you have to be on your toes to pick up trophies as your enemies drop it. What was exciting about this game is the new goodies that you can upgrade to. Better ships and better weapons lead to better results, so don’t get discouraged with your initial weapons.


All in all, Warship is another exciting action/adventure game for iPhone. It’s a whole lot of fun and very challenging at the same time. If sea games are your thing, you are going to love Warship.

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