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World’s Hardest Game

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Have you ever played one of those games that are so easy to pick up and difficult to master. Some of games are so challenging that you might end up pulling your hair out before you are done with them. World’s Hardest Game is one of those games. That is one impressive title, but the game does deliver its promise. It’s super hard to master and is going to kill your time like no other app. Unlike other “challenging” games on the market, you get challenged right away. Fasten your belts right from the start if you want to dominate this game.

World’s Hardest Game is proof that you do not need 3D graphics or all kinds of bells and whistles to develop a killer game. The developers have done a wonderful job of taking a simple concept and making a super hard game based on it. The game does have decent graphics, but that is not the point. It has 30 challenging levels that will keep you on your toes and make you want to come back for more (we have not been able to test all those levels as we failed to get out of the first level).

The levels do become more difficult as you improve your skills. The controls are easy to get a handle on though you are still going to have trouble running your way through this game (you have the option to choose between touch, tilt, or keypad for your control options). There are also 3 difficulty settings that you can change to make the game even harder (we do not recommend the “hardest” level).

Is World’s Hardest Game really the world’s hardest game? That’s tough to say. But if you can’t finish or master it, it’s tough to disprove that claim. The early levels are not easy by any means, so do not expect an easy ride. Just make sure you play this game during weekends as it’s so addictive it can make you very unproductive during work days. Great game all around.

Rating: 8.5/10

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