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Fossil Time Tracker

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Being a consultant (or self-employed business professional) is not as easy and fun that some portrays it to be. When you work for the man, you work a certain number of hours, and you get paid accordingly. Your taxes are taken out of your paycheck, and there are less complications to deal with. But a freelancer has to keep track of his/her time and everyday business expenses to keep business afloat and stay sane. That’s where Fossil Time Tracker comes in. It’s a time & expense tracker designed for freelancers that enables them to stay on the top of their business life more effectively.

Fossil Time Tracker is designed to help consultants keep track of their projects and expenses more effectively. It can track multiple projects, contacts, and tasks. It even allows you to tag your entries to help you stay sane with all your projects. You can not only use timers to keep track of your tasks, but you can also enter your information manually. So it is possible to use this app as a task organizer of some sort.

Tracking your expenses with this app is pretty easy as well. You can categorize each entry to keep your expense entries more organized and ready for a review in the future. The data in your app can be filters and archived to keep your organized. The fact that you can generate all kinds of reports with this app is a big plus. And don’t forget you can export your data in CSV format.

Living life as a freelancer has its benefits and its challenges. Running a business is one thing. But as a consultant, you need to be very organized if you want to succeed in your career. With Fossil Time Tracker, you can keep track of your tasks, clients, and expenses on the go and bring some order to your business life. It’s not a cheap app by any means but well worth a look for freelancers.

Rating: 8.5/10

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