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Infinite Relaxation ∞

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No matter how excited you are about taking on new challenges in life, you are going to have to find ways to keep yourself physically and emotionally relaxed from time to time. Taking power naps and relaxing your mind from time to time can recharge your battery and make you more productive. Infinite Relaxation ∞ is a cool audio program that gives your mind a break wherever you are.

Infinite Relaxation is a quite flexible audio program. You can control its length and choose your own background music. The app mixes things up so you won’t listen to the same program every time you open it. Your sessions can go from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. This program relaxes you and even gets you in the mood for a nap.

I like the fact that the app lets users control the volume for music and voice separately. You do have the option to change how the program concludes. This is useful if you want to get a deeper sleep or wake up after your program is done. Infinite Relaxation ∞ does not have too many bells and whistles and is ready to go right out of the box.

Infinite Relaxation ∞ is very simple to use but can relax and recharge your mind. Well worth trying if you feel overwhelmed with your daily challenges.


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