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It’s not everyday that you find an app that could keep your little kid entertained and teach her new things at the same time. If you have a very young child (2-4 years old), you probably know how tough it is sometimes to entertain them. But thanks to apps such as OccupyBaby, you can now use your iPhone to not only bring a load of fun to your young child but also teach her new things (words and more).

I recently had a chance to test OccupyBaby and work with a few young children and parents to find out what they thought of this cool app. I received a lot of positive feedback from the parents. They were not only impressed with the graphics and how OccupyBaby was designed, but they found all the language options very useful.

The auto play mode keeps your children entertained without them or you having to do anything special. In the manual mode, you can activate animals by touching them on your phone. That’s when the name get pronounced in addition to the sound that animal makes.

From the brief discussions that I have had with the developers behind this app, I know they are working on some very exciting updates that will be released soon. So if you have a young kid and want to keep her entertained in the car or a supermarket, you’ve got to try OccupyBaby.

Update: as the developer promised us a while ago, OccupyBaby has been updated to bring even more fun to your young children.The new version has been improved in many areas. The performance has been improved as well as the audio tracks. You can also download future themes through the in-app capability added with this version.

In case you have been wondering, the night time mode has been added to this app as well. So your kids can have more fun with this app. There is also a new theme available with this app (“Shapes”), which gives your young kids a chance to explore and play with a variety of animals and objects. The fun part is, more is yet to come. Still a truly unique app for toddlers and young kids.

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