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Sleep Machine

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The iPhone has permanently replaced my old alarm clock. You know the deal with alarm clocks. There are some that you can’t rely on, and then there are some that are annoying and still don’t get the job done. Besides, alarm clocks are not that flexible when it comes to options, sounds, and everything in between. At least not as flexible as your iPhone’s alarm clock apps. Sleep Machine is a fun application that can replace your alarm clock and even help you relax, concentrate, and meditate.

Sleep Machine is more than just an alarm clock app. It’s like owning 4 apps. It’s an ambient sound player, a clock, an alarm, and a sleep timer. It comes with over 79 stereo sounds (71 ambient sounds and 8 ambient music tracks) that you can listen to relax, meditate, and even put yourself to sleep.

The clock is pretty attractive. It does help that you get 7 themes to choose from. You can even go with dimmer time options depending on when it is you want to get some sleep. The clock feature wouldn’t be complete without an alarm. Sleep Timer has over 90 sounds that you can use for your alarm though you can use your mixes as well.

The sleep timer feature is pretty handy as well. All you have to do is choose the sound you want to sleep too and the duration of your session. That’s all there is too it. The interface is straight forward, so you won’t have to jump through the hoops to figure this app out. A pretty solid replacement for your good old physical alarm clock.

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