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Studio Darien Pilates

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Darien Gold is quite well-known among those who are into Pilates. Millions of people use Pilates to build a more balanced body and live a better life. If you are fairly new to Pilates (more at intermediate level) and want to take your game to the next level, Studio Darien Pilates for iPhone has you covered. It walks you through what it takes to master new techniques and build a healthier body, at your own pace.

The Intermediate Individual Mat program in this app has 23 exercises to get you started. It comes with clear instructions (audio and text) to help you get things done the correct way. If you are new to Pilates, these exercises can take some time getting used to. Pilates is not something you can master overnight. So don’t get discouraged if you can’t emulate what the trainer does in this app.

I confess that I am very new to Pilates, so this app is not exactly for people like me. But the instructions are all there, crystal clear. The information in this app can come handy when you are looking to find a Pilates teacher to get more serious about Pilates.

To sum things up, Studio Darien Pilates is a pretty decent app if you are into Pilates and want to do things at your own pace. The instructions are clear and the exercises are fun. It’s mostly designed for intermediate users, but it has something for beginners too.

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