3CYCLE Daily Scheduler for iPhone

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I don’t know about you but I would love to have more hours each day to get more done. That’s the problem many of us have: too much work and little time to do everything. Learning how to manage your time properly is one way to address that issue. 3CYCLE Daily Scheduler can help. It is an elegant application that visualizes your schedule, so you can keep up with everything you need to do.


3CYCLE’s focus is on Love, Dream, and Joy, hence the name. It uses color coding to display different categories. You can add and delete items easily. Change can be done via drag and drop. The app shows you all your schedules at a glance. It also provides you with feedback, so you can decide whether you are living the life that you should be living. We found the app to be responsive and fast. The UI is easy on the eye.


3CYCLE is available for free at the time of this writing. I personally prefer standard task management tools, but if you need something a bit different, 3CYCLE may be worth checking out.

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