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Unlike what Steve Jobs claimed quite a while ago, people still read books and are hungry for more knowledge. But they do like watching videos and listening to audio materials as well. Audio-books make it very convenient to multitask, learning new things while doing your work. You can always try podcasts and internet radio shows to learn new things. AudioPress is an iPhone application that takes it a step further. It integrates your audio content from your favorite sources so you don’t have to.

AudioPress grabs your content from podcasts, talk radio programs, and audio articles. AudioAricles is a service provided by AudioPress. They are daily recorded readings of the latest news by AudioPress (from sources such as the Associated Press). AudioPress makes it easy to find new content to listen to on your iPhone.

If you are a podcast junkie, you are going to love AudioPress. You won’t have to worry about syncing your podcasts anymore nor do you have to remember which tracks you have listened to in the past. The interface is quite sleek tool

There is just so much to listen to these days. Apps such as AudioPress let you listen to the right content without spending time doing other things or listening to what you have listened in the past. A great app for anyone into podcasts and other types of audio content.

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