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Many iPhone owners use their device to go through documents and spreadsheets on the go. The iOS platform is versatile enough to handle all types of tasks, which is one of the main reasons iPhone is becoming highly popular in the business world. Document reader apps for iPhone make it easy to open all kinds of files on idevices. Unfortunately, some of these apps can get quite slow, especially if you are opening a large file. Thanks to Fast Reader, you can open XLS, PDF, DOC, and other types of files without having to worry about speed issues.

Fast Reader is not your average PDF reader. It can open PDF and Office files on your iPhone. Fast Reader takes advantage of FastLoading technology to handle large documents easily (can open files as large as 1 GB). Fast Reader is very stable too, which helps.

Fast Reader can handle presentation files and spreadsheets. It does allow you to interact with your documents (zoom in/out on them). Transferring files to your computer via USB or WiFi is easy to pull off as well.

If you have to deal with huge files on a daily basis or are just tired of your document reader crashing on your iPhone, Fast Reader has you covered.

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