Forest for iPhone To Stop Phone Addiction

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We all use our phones to get things done on a daily basis. Some of us use it only to answer calls and do work while many use their phone to keep up with their social media contacts and everything happening on the Internet. Being addicted to your phone is not the wisest idea though. So how would you treat phone addiction? Forest for iPhone happens to be an interesting iPhone app that helps you beat phone addiction.


The Forest app is pretty simple to use. You plant a seed in your forest and need 30 minutes for it to grow into a tree. If you can’t keep yourself from checking Facebook or playing a game in that time, your tree won’t grow. This app essentially uses a fun approach to help you manage your time better.


The Forest encourages you to stay focused on your work instead of wasting time on your phone. It provides you with useful stats. You can get it for $0.99.

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