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We all have to tackle numerous tasks on a daily basis (for personal and professional reasons). No matter how great your memory, there is always a chance that you could forget to get everything done on time. You may be able to postpone some tasks but not everything. HabiTimer is a user friendly task tracker that alerts you when your must-to tasks are due.

HabiTimer is so easy to use even a caveman can set it up to track tasks. Adding new alarms to this app does not take more than a couple of taps. Users can set and remove multiple triggers for their alarms. While users can turn alarms off individually, the app does offer a master switch that can turn a set of alarms off. HabiTimer is designed to handle habitual tasks but you can change things around as your schedule changes.

If you have to tackle certain tasks on a periodic basis throughout your days, HabiTimer can be quite handy. It is not the most sophisticated task notifier by any means. But it does a decent job keeping track of tasks and reminding users on time. We would love to see more alarm customization features added to it though.

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