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I have been fascinated with GPS applications for iPhone since the first one was released. There is just something about having a backup GPS solution in your pocket that you can tap into to get you out of trouble or tell others your whereabouts. I’m Here is an innovative GPS application that lets you text your current location to anyone you know via e-mail and include your position on Google maps as well. And you can do it all in a flash.


I’m Here requires you to set up your e-mail system before taking advantage of it. You will need your SMTP information to let the software use it to send text your location via e-mail. Your e-mails contain a subject, message, your location on a Google maps, and more information about your location. Here is a test e-mail that I sent myself from office:


I have heard a lot about this application not being accurate enough, but every-time I have tried it, it’s been pretty accurate. And I have never had a problem sending text messages from this app. I’m Here is truly a life saver. Let’s say you want to meet your friends in a new location, but don’t know how to give them the proper directions to your location. You can always send your location on Google Maps to them and let them do the rest. The application works the best on  iPhone, but it has worked great on my iPod Touch as well. All in all, I’m Here is a very useful solution that makes it easy to let others know about your whereabouts with a quick text message. Can’t get any easier than this.

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