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Priority Matrix for iPhone

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The times are changing. In this day and age, many of us are just overloaded with information. It is tough to get everything you need to get done on time when your mind is all over the place. Learning time management skills could always help. You should also prioritize your tasks to make sure critical and urgent tasks are done on time. Priority Matrix for iPhone is a powerful application that helps you handle your projects more effectively.

For starters, we found Priority Matrix’s matrix to be quite user friendly. It lets you divide your tasks into 4 quadrants (tasks you need to do now, the ones you need to start planning for, high distraction tasks, and all other tasks). Priority Matrix is highly interactive. Adding new projects and tasks could not be any easier. The application allows you to drag things around and customize your lists productively.

This application works in both portrait and landscape modes. It has gesture-based controls. You can swipe to change projects or items. Copying, importing, and exporting are fairly easy to do. We absolutely loved the Help List for iPhone. It shows you what the app is capable of so you can started with it as quickly as possible.

Priority Matrix has a quality user interface and is easy to learn your way around. But it would not be complete without a decent sync feature. Here is the good news: the app is available for the iPad, Mac, and Windows. While you have to pay for each platform, the synchronization process is offered for free. Twitter integration is offered as well. You can use the icons, percentages, and other features to visualize your tasks like a pro.

We found Priority Matrix to be quite handy. It did take us a bit to get used to the interface but things got easier to handle fast. The sync feature worked flawlessly for us (thanks to the developers for offering us versions for different platforms to test it out). Even if you are completely baffled by this tool, you can use the Help List provided to master its interface quickly. Priority Matrix could be just what you need to get your life in order. It has potential.

Rating: 9.2/10



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