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Tesla Audio Sciences is responsible for some of the best health and fitness apps for iPhone. Whether you want to listen to music to increase your focus, reduce your stress, or just become more productive, Tesla has an app for you. Pure Sleep is a cool app that helps you get  better night of sleep just by listening to ambient music. A lot of us tend to just take a pill when we can’t sleep. As much as I am a fan of medicine, I have always believed that drugs should you your last option. After all, why take a pill when you can listen to some smooth ambient music and put yourself to sleep.


Here are the 9 quality pieces that are included with this app:

  • Tesla at Twilight
  • Didgeridoo Dreams
  • Angel Ascension (my favorite)
  • An Evening Rain
  • High Plains Japan
  • Joseph’s Dream
  • Desert Sunrise
  • The Power Plant
  • An Android’s Dream

You also get to choose the effects for your music. Whether you want to get a good sleep, a deep one, or a power nap, you can easily change the settings to fit your needs with Pure Sleep. Like other Tesla products, you get the right frequency rates and brainwave frequencies to help you get in the right mood. Overall, if you are looking for a more natural way of getting sleep during those restless nights, you should give Pure Sleep a try.

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