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Screens for iPhone: Control Your Computer Remotely

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Your good old desktop is not portable enough for you to take around. You don’t want to spend every day at home or in your office just to be able to access your computer. That’s why apps such as Screens are so handy. This desktop remoting application lets you connect to your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer from anywhere in the world. You will be able to control your computer with gestures.


Screens3 helps you stay connected with your computer when you are on the move. Your saved screens stay synchronized through iCloud. You can use gestures to control your desktop applications. The shortcuts toolbar is a plus. Users can send text to their computers and receive them back. Support for SSH is a plus. You can use URL to launch screens.


Screens for iPhone is a pretty handy tool to use to access your files on your computer remotely. You may need to configure your computer (and your router) on Windows and Linux computers to get Screens to work flawlessly. All in all, this is a pretty nifty tool for professionals or people who are away from their main computer a lot.

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