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I don’t know about you, but I can’t go a day without using a To-Do list. Some people are better than others in remembering what tasks they need to accomplish each and every day. In general, using a to-do list makes people more productive and enables them to get more done with forgetting those easy-to-forget tasks. We have tested plenty of productivity applications on iAF in the past. Most t0-do applications for iPhone enable you to manage your lists as you would on a notebook. They certainly make the process much more convenient, but there is nothing innovative about that approach. ToDo Map is a different kind of task manager. It takes a graphical approach to the whole process to help you keep your eyes on the ball and become more productive.

Creating and managing tasks with ToDo Map couldn’t be any easier. You can define the type of task, level of priority, and even categories for your tasks. As you may have suspected, you can customize the categories, so the app is pretty flexible in that regard. If you can’t remember when your tasks are due, you can always set reminders for your tasks.

The app supports an unlimited number of files and can work offline as well. So you are not dependant on our wireless connection to keep managing your tasks on the go. The review mode is certainly interesting and can give you a good idea what’s on your plate.

Colors and graphics can help you better manage your tasks. This app takes advantage of both to help you prioritize your tasks and get more done on the go. If you are tired of those regular task manager apps, ToDo Map is worth a look.

Rating: 8.2/10

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